All the data in the world isn’t going to make running any easier, but motivation might. Apple Watch Nike+ delivers an inspirational run companion experience that hinges on one simple question.

Selected Press: Apple Keynote, Time, Forbes, Tech Crunch, Nike News

It all starts with a daily invitation to run.
Each notification is contextual to your life to
help motivate you on a personal level.

Instead of distraction free running, Apple Watch Nike+
is simply designed to enhance your run experience.

Set distance or time goals to receive in-ear progress updates and motivation along the way.

Use advanced mode for a deeper look into your metrics while you run.

Schedule run reminders for motivation when it’s time to lace up.

Inspire your Nike+ friends to run
by sharing yours.

And stay motivated with contextual
post-run attaboys.

Just Do It Sundays were designed to connect you with every
Nike+ member who got after their Sunday 5k.


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